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Our Story

Sweetella got its start as a single restaurant in Amsterdam in 2015 with an ingenious concept of offering freshly baked sweets and ice cream. The Sweetella feeling is reflected in our high-quality food, but more than that, we offer an experience you will never forget.

Our brand aspires to differentiate itself through the implementation of creativity, artistry and spontaneity in the preparation of desserts, together with the addition of a wide array of toppings and syrups. This is manifested in the preparation of Sweetella’s signature specials, such as the Double Waffle, the Three Steps to Heaven, the Sweetella burger and many more.

We Offer

· Unique customer experience through an unparalleled atmosphere and customer service;

· Unique signature specials;

· Wide range of high-quality and homemade sweets – Crepes, waffles, churros, muffins, brownies, cakes, éclairs, cookies, donuts, local Dutch pastries and ice cream;

· Wide range of soft drinks, coffees and milkshakes;

· Wide range of toppings for product customization;


Our mission is quite simple – to provide our guest with unique service and an unforgettable sweet experience beyond their expectations in every single visit.  We always want to be the desired place for enjoying sweet bakery products and delicious complementary beverages with family and friends.


To be a leading player in a wide range of delicious and amazing sweet products and beverages in a comfortable, relaxed, friendly and entertaining environment that ensures the highest level of product quality. As we promote the Sweetella brand through multiple venue types, we’re focused on being diverse and flexible. Sweetella could be an express shop or a restaurant to achieve this, we’ve assembled a team of experts in operations, marketing, development, training and much more.